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Name:S H I O R I
Birthdate:Aug 9
Location:Tokyo, Japan

Enomoto Shiori (榎本栞), going by the stage name Shiori, is a Japanese jazz singer and songwriter from Osaka, functioning as lead singer of the band To A Lovely Tune who made her debut with the studio album Shiroi Tama in 2010, but who was for a long time most well-known for her live concerts with band at various luxury hotels in Tokyo. As well as having been invited to play at several jazz festivals in America, she has collaborated with BELLS Dance Company to write the music for one of their performances. Most recently, she has been the driving force in forming her new band and releasing their debut album, her fourth, ENCOUNTER.

Being the only child of her father, businessman Enomoto Daiki and her Chinese-born mother, Mei who origins from Shanghai, Shiori has privately remained unmarried and it is rumoured that she's a lesbian.


Shiori was born on August 9th 1984 and is an only child. Her parents are the successful businessman, Enomoto Daiki and his Chinese-born wife from Shanghai, Mei (Chinese name: Yeu Li) who is a former concert pianist. Growing up in Osaka, Shiori has often been quoted saying that her mother, rather than teaching her to speak Chinese which Shiori only understands little of today, taught her to love music, a language they have fully in common. Otherwise Shiori is known to be a very private person and very discreet. She has not been officially linked to any men or publicized any relationships, neither through her agency or on her blog. Due to some events in the period after the release of her first band's debut album where she was often seen with their clarinet player, Fujimori Nagisa (maiden name: Kanai) in public, it has been rumoured that she is a lesbian, but the rumours died down somewhat in the wake of Nagisa’s marriage to fellow band member, Fujimori Jun. Later, during her collaboration with BELLS, however, she was said to have been romantically linked to former Hoshigumi Top Star, Miyaki Ren, but this was never confirmed. Most recently, Shiori has been seen together with Seiko, an underground funk artist, but this relationship has also remained hearsay. Under any circumstances, Shiori has chosen to stay unmarried.


Shiori started taking singing and piano lessons at age five at a small, private music school in downtown Osaka. Her talent was quickly discovered and singled out, so that she could prepare to try out for Osaka College of Music’s entrance exam immediately after finishing high school. She was accepted at her first audition and after four years of both vocal and piano training, she was then accepted into Tokyo University of the Arts, causing her to move to Tokyo. There she took an additional degree, specialising in vocal music.

In interviews, Shiori has claimed that it was while she studied vocals at Tokyo University of Arts that she fell in love with jazz and she calls the genre her first love. She met two of her band members while at university, working on an American-inspired project with trumpeter Fujimori Jun and his future wife Nagisa who plays the clarinet and the three stuck together after graduation, forming a full band with the remaining members at the suggestion of one of their professors. From the beginning, Shiori functioned as the front person, doing lead vocals and writing the lyrics for all their songs. After an intensive year of work, they released their debut album Shiroi Tama in 2010 in Shiori’s name, the album receiving positive reviews on the Japanese jazz scene, Shiori's voice called unique in its sound, four parts sweetness and six parts smoky darkness while her lyrics were described as refreshing - what the young Japan would sing about if it were a nation of jazz singers. In the wake of this studio success, however, Shiori didn’t release any new albums or singles, but stuck to performing live concerts at various venues in Tokyo, most notably a large selection of luxury hotels. Thanks to her contacts in America, she was also invited to and attended several jazz festivals along the East Coast and in March 2014, it was officially announced that she would be collaborating with BELLS Dance Company, creating a full musical score for one of their performances. In extension of this project, in mid-2015 she would release her second album, Blue Notes which contained not only a studio recording of the music for the dance performance, but a live recording from the opening night as well.

For undisclosed reasons, Shiori and her band split up not long after the release of Blue Notes. After a few months of working as the regular singer at Smalls Jazz Club in New York and upon her return to Japan, continuing the expansion of her musical horizon by filling the spot as lead singer of the funk band Arata, Shiori would eventually form her new band, To A Lovely Tune which featured none of her former band members. Upon their formation in early 2017, To A Lovely Tune had a head start on the Japanese jazz scene with their debut album, ENCOUNTER that became an even greater commercial success than Shiroi Tama had been, the music – although still jazz in genre – containing clear elements of funk influences.


It is a well known fact that Shiori is a big fan of the Takarazuka Revue, another interest she explains that she has inherited from her mother who became a fan of Haruka Kurara after moving to Japan. At the press conference in connection with her BELLS Dance Company collaboration project, Shiori expressed excitement at the prospect of getting to work with Miyaki Ren, a former Takarazuka otokoyaku Top Star whom she admires.

In regards to her music, she has mentioned singers like Billie Holiday and Katie Melua as an inspiration while, on a more personal level, Teresa Teng has inspired her greatly, bridging the distance between the various Asian countries with her beautiful voice and breaking down past barriers.

During a recent interview in Swing Journal, Shiori disclosed that she had to look beyond jazz to get out of the slump she had landed herself in after her band’s breakup and that she has become a familiar face in the Japanese musical underground as a result.

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